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Kelli Korn, LCSW
Grow Your Practice Biz
Owner and Consultant


Have you dreamed of owning your own  practice and having the freedom of being your own boss? Imagine having a practice that allows you to use your creativity to work with the clients that you feel passionate about helping, working the schedule that allows you to spend time with friends and family, and the ability to choose what you want to be paid. It is within your reach!

I am here to help you start and grow your practice! I started my practice, Colorado Family Counseling Center, in 2011 . Ten years later, I have ten employees and two locations, an online office and always a waitlist! It wasn't easy and I learned it all the hard way- without someone to guide me! While that experience brought me to where I am, I often wished there was a clear outline on what I needed to do and how to do it.  


Since then, I have had many therapists ask me how they can build their own practice, so I created online training and coaching program to save you time, and lots of money, by teaching you step by step how to start and build your practice.  

Services Offered

Whether you are starting from scratch or going from solo to a group practice, I've got your back! Check out our online trainings for a self-paced training to get you the information you want at the speed you want it! 

Alternatively, my personalized consulting option is for those interested in a more focused 1:1 option, with the ability to ask specific questions on the topics that you need support with. This could be long term coaching, or a one time consultation session.

Not sure what you are looking for? Contact me at and I can guide you to the option that best fits your needs. 

Therapy Session
New Hires

Grow Your Practice from Scratch

Step by step training for growing your practice

Starting your practice from scratch? I've been there! I created this course in response to so many therapists asking me for consultation on how to build their own dream practice! This course is specifically created to save therapists time, money, and energy by learning from my wins and my mistakes! I started from scratch and built my practice  to 10 employees and two locations. Myself and staff have had the privilege of helping more than a thousand clients in the counseling journey. I will share step by step instructions on building your practice to help you go from a daydream to a full practice while having the freedom to be your own boss!

Grow Your Village

From solo to group practice training

Pre-register for this training!  This comprehensive training is soon to be released and we are offering an opportunity to be a founding member. Founding members will receive VIP access to this course, including first release viewing, live Q and A, bonus content, and a free private consultation session! This founding member opportunity is on a limited basis and only to a select few. Pre-register now!

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VIP Coaching

Individualized coaching

Individualized support for those who want 1:1 coaching towards their practice building goals. This program requires an application due to limited spots. Please click on the button if you would like to apply for 1:1 coaching and consultation.


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Rachel Cohen- Seaside Counseling Center, Jacksonville, FL

"Grow Your Practice From Scratch was an absolutely amazing resource when starting my practice!!! With no knowledge of where to even begin, I was searching the internet for hours at a time trying to figure out all of the steps I needed to take; NPI, LLC, licensure, website, insurance, bank accounts, taxes, all of it.  HELP!!!

Kelli provided an extremely tangible, efficient, and actually very easy process to getting started. I felt an ease and confidence knowing I had her course (probably went back through it a dozen times when I had questions), and on top of that all of her ADDITIONAL support to turn to with any questions I had that weren’t already answered. This is a process that probably would have taken me months longer, with errors, unanswered questions, and so much more stress; but instead became streamlined with peace of mind. 

If you’re questioning whether this is for you, jump in! Your investment is SO worth this just based on the time and stress you’ll save. I believe you and your business are worth it and Kelli is going to guide you there. Go for it!"

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