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Make your dream of owning a private practice into reality

It's easier than you imagine with step by step guidance!

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Sound Familiar?
  • Your days are filled with attending a million staff meetings that feel like a waste of your time and talent.

  • You are sick of following policies that don't make sense

  • You imagine what it would be like to work with the only clients you are passionate about helping and making a good income at the same time

  • You are a free spirit who wants to work for yourself, creating a schedule that works for you and your family

  • You daydream about taking vacations on your own schedule

  • You are scared to leave the security of a salaried position and unsure of what this will look like

  • You dream of starting your own practice but don’t know where to begin

  • You are longing for the fast track, step-by-step guidance to finally make this dream a reality

Take a journey into your future...


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12  Module training course that will guide you step by step

to create your dream practice.

You wake up looking forward to your day. You enjoy your breakfast with your kids before they go to school. You have some time to yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee and then head to your adorable office for a few sessions, seeing your favorite type of clients.

On your long lunch break, you research some places you would like to go on your next

family vacation. Getting prices is no longer stressful because you are paid a good rate

for your skills and service. Bonus, there are a ton of flight options because you don't have to go on vacation during high season- you get to choose when you want to go.

You check your email that evening and see a note from a client updating you on how well they've been doing and thanking you for providing a safe place for them to heal and grow.

You read a book with your kids, feeling joyful and relaxed, knowing you have made your dream a reality- you earn a good income, on your terms, and your schedule.

You sit down with your partner to relax, not having work to do before going to sleep.

You no longer fight with your partner about feeling so stressed and having no time together.

You can do this!

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 I’ve been where you are at right now! In 2011, I was sitting in a faculty meeting at the school where I was a social worker. I'm a team player but a curriculum meeting for someone who isn't a teacher felt like a waste of my time and skills, knowing I could be seeing kids who were struggling, rather than wasting my time in a meeting that really had nothing to do with my skill set or position.  

I hated having to take vacations only on the days when everyone else was off, eveyrthing being crowded and expensive.


I was discouraged that no matter how hard I worked, my pay was always the same and I was unlikely to get annual increases due to budget cuts.

I wasn't able to fully use my clinical skills because I was only supposed to be "school focused"in my sessions with kids and teens.


I felt like I was living someone else's agenda and that someone else was not a therapist and had no idea of how my skills were supposed be utilized.


I decided at that moment that I would start my own practice so that I could fully utilize all of my training, skills, and strengths and be able to see kids and teens in a focused manner, to help them overcome trauma, learn coping strategies, and become the best version of themselves!


I envisioned taking vacations and days off on my schedule.


I envisioned creating my schedule, so I could be home with my young daughter, rather than having someone else watch her most of the time... but I was scared.


I had no idea where to start, and there didn’t seem to be a lot of resources on starting a private counseling practice.


That is what started my journey learning by trial and error, step by step, on how to create the practice I wanted, working with the types of clients I felt I was meant to work with, on the schedule that worked for myself and my family.


I spent a lot of time, money, and energy figuring things out, but I got there!


12 years later, my practice had grown from myself, to 10 therapists, 2 assistants, 2 locations, and an online office, with a waitlist! I am able vacations during off times, enjoying the beach and Disneyland on the least crowded days.

I homeschool my daughters and am able to create my work schedule around their school and our family needs.


Now I am excited to be able to share everything I've learned with other therapists, saving you time, money, and energy to get your practice started and flourishing in no time.


(Really there is not a better time to start your practice! Therapists are in high demand, and there is no shortage of clients who need you and your services!) 

I'm here to guide you step by step and make your dream a reality!

Copy of Product Mock Ups  Katie & Foyd (

12  Module training course that will guide you step by step

to create your dream practice.

There's no time like the present to get started and I can help! 

What's Included?

Copy of Product Mock Ups _ Katie & Foyd
Copy of Product Mock Ups _ Katie & Foyd
Copy of Product Mock Ups  Katie & Foyd (

 Lifetime access to the 12 module online training and step by step guide to get your practice off the ground. (This is a TON of content!)

Modules include:  Your Ideal Practice Vision, Simplified Business Structure,  Covering Your Legal Bases, Your Ideal Office Space, Figuring Out Fees and Insurance, Streamlined Systems,  Your Complete Telehealth Roadmap, and so much more!




A live group coaching call with Kelli each month to get specialized support.



VIP Private Facebook group

Resource List- all of my top resources to save you time and energy of researching sites and systems

My Top 10 Learning Experiences- let me save you time and energy

Grow Your Practice from Scratch Planner to help organize and plan and get your practice off the ground quickly


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Grow Your Practice logo (8).png
Grow Your Practice logo (8).png

Is this you? Then this is your course!


You are a licensed or registered therapeutic professional

(or soon to be!)


You are unsure where to start, but you are ready to have a dream practice.


You want to make your own schedule, have more time to focus on family and friends, and yourself, and feel more balanced.

Client Focused

Want to work with your ideal client population, feel use your strengths, and earn a great income at the same time.


Rachel Cohen- Seaside Counseling Center, Jacksonville, FL

"Grow Your Practice From Scratch was an absolutely amazing resource when starting my practice!!!

With no knowledge of where to even begin, I was searching the internet for hours at a time trying to

figure out all of the steps I needed to take; NPI, LLC, licensure, website, insurance, bank accounts,

taxes, all of it.  HELP!!!

Kelli provided an extremely tangible, efficient, and actually very easy process to getting started. I felt an ease and confidence knowing I had her course (probably went back through it a dozen times when I had questions), and on top of that all of her ADDITIONAL support to turn to with any questions I had that weren’t already answered. This is a process that probably would have taken me months longer, with errors, unanswered questions, and so much more stress; but instead became streamlined with peace of mind. 


If you’re questioning whether this is for you, jump in! Your investment is SO worth this just based on the time and stress you’ll save. I believe you and your business are worth it and Kelli is going to guide you there. Go for it!"

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This is THE best time to start a practice! There has never been a higher demand for top notch counseling practices. I'm here to help, so let's get started!




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How it Works

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* What is your refund policy?  

Due to the digital nature and support you’ll receive, refunds are not offered for this course. This course has everything you need to start your practice, but any additional questions can be answered in the private Facebook group or monthly support calls. If you have additional questions about the course before purchasing, please reach out so we can chat!

*Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we have a 6 month payment plan available. This is available during checkout.

* How quickly can I expect to have a practice up and running from the guidance of this course?

This program is very flexible and individualized. The time frame depends on several things:

1) How much time each week you are able to dedicate to the coursework and action steps

2) Your goals

3) Your niche and location

In all honesty, this is the craziest time for people and you should have no trouble finding clients who need your practice, so you can get your practice going as quickly as you want!

*What happens after I purchase? 

You’ll be instantly added on the members only Facebook group and receive access to the monthly live call schedule.  Each week you’ll receive a new training with action step homework to help you get your dream practice up and going in no time!

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You can totally do this! I am so excited to see your dream practice become a reality and hopeful for the clients who are anxiously awaiting to find a practice just like yours!

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